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Discover Marseille

Discover the charms of Marseille

The charming hotel Marseille center is an ideal starting point for exploring the Cité Phocéenne. From the famous Vieux-Port of Marseille to Saint-Charles train station, passing by the Château d'If and Notre-Dame de la Garde, the city is full of architectural treasures. But not only. Marseille is a multicultural city with unparalleled places of life, like the Cours Julien, the Belsunce district or the Noailles district and its famous market. To guide you, the charming hotel Le Ryad carefully keeps a list of good addresses, regularly updated, to discover more treasures.

The Noailles district

Nicknamed "the belly of Marseille", the Noailles district is one of the emblematic districts of the city. Loved for its popular and warm side, this mythical district of the 1st arrondissement of the city is very popular for its famous daily market, located on the rue du Marché-des-Capucins, where all cultures mix wonderfully. Former bourgeois neighborhood, the Noailles district has been shaped by history. It hosts in particular the Noailles train station, built in the late nineteenth century.

The Basilica of Our Lady of the Guard

One of the rooms of the charming hotel Marseille center offers a view of this emblem of the city: the Basilica of Our Lady of the Guard, which some call "The Good Mother", built in the mid-nineteenth century, at the top a limestone peak ... An exceptional panorama of the city and its neighborhoods.

The Old Port of Marseille

Historic heart of the city, the Old Port of Marseille is a must. Located a few minutes from the charming hotel Marseille center Le Ryad, the Old Port was redesigned in 2013, when the city became European Capital of Culture. It hosts from the Museum of Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean.

Restaurants to discover

The boutique hotel Le Ryad has concocted a list of well-kept restaurants, which you can consult. Bio, vegan, zero waste, Italian, southern or oriental ... there is necessarily the establishment that you seek, more or less far from your place of accommodation. Do not hesitate to ask for advice!

Shopping near Ryad

As for restaurants, good addresses are compiled on a list. Ask, these finds do not necessarily appear in the columns of tourist guides. Traditional groceries, herbalism, authentic hardware store or even a small local market ... trust your host!