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Art and culture at Le Ryad

Art in Riyadh

The Ryad, charming hotel in central Marseille is not an establishment like any other. Beyond taking great care of its customers, the hotel gives pride of place to artists, to all artists. Around eight exhibitions are organized each year with the aim of promoting talents, generally from Marseille, whether they are painters, designers, engravers, visual artists or even photographers. In Riyadh, we love all forms of art, and art pays it forward. And it doesn't stop at the visual arts. The boutique hotel also hosts story readings, artistic performances, which may surprise some, or simply concerts, in the privacy of a haven of peace in the right center of Marseille.

Don't hesitate to follow the cultural activity of the Ryad, which makes it a unique hotel in Marseille!

Jacques Pellissier - Painting, collages

Here is how Jacques Pellissier describes himself: "Hello, I was born on May 1, 1958 in the countryside. My parents, teachers, were teachers from the Freinet school. In the summer we went in Vence to share wonderful moments with Célestin and Élise Freinet in their school. As children, we were painters, engravers, printers, ceramists, dreamers and poets.
This undoubtedly explains it.
Then the lives: Actor for the theater, Great traveler, it was simple, wasn't it! One day the film sets caught me, I stayed there." 

Exhibition from September 24 to November 4, 2021

Michel Gentil, recent paintings

"Let's return to color... There is an abundance of colors in your paintings, a sort of great symphony.

- This is the impression that emerges from my paintings. It corresponds to what I would like to bring, a vibration, an abstract space that is dear to me and that I try to define by painting. In each new painting I seek to rediscover this emotion of a space, of a totality which is perhaps for me the subject of my painting, what you call a symphony.

I am looking for an abstract space (an emotion in the full sense) which is particular to me, but which I have encountered among the great painters and which for me is the very definition of painting. "

(Comments collected by Micheline Huguelet)

The exhibition will run from April 1 to May 15, 2021

Michèle Rabit, Retrospective

The work of Michèle Rabit is in constant evolution and uses numerous techniques and diverse materials. They serve his creativity, fueled by his intellectual movement, and which translates into the abstract as well as the figurative. 

Great traveler, gentle journeys, during which “I looked, I looked”. “I was very sensitive to the lights and the looks, to the balances and the fractures of all these countries,” she confides. Painting became a passion with some particular themes towards which his sensitivity attracted him: social narration in its conceptual representation, theater, portraits, trees, water and colors.

“Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer to give it shape” - Bertolt Brecht

 Exhibition from October 13 to November 15

All blues are in nature - Lynda Deleurence

For this exhibition “All the blues are in nature”, I looked at the sea and particularly its sparkle, this rebellious light in perpetual movement which never lets itself be caught. I looked at the foam, the wet beach, the formation of the waves, the density of the water, the immensity of the blue, its sharp noises and its silences. And always the sea sparkles, timeless, its blues are eternal.

Exhibition from September 15 to October 10, 2020

PAVAN - The WRESTLERS - Tribute to Ousmane Sow

"To be freed from this Greek mentality which wanted the man it represents to be perfect. /…/ The body is not perfect. When something is not in its place, sometimes you have to leave it , it can give power to the whole. In my mind, I can't imagine a perfect man." Ousmane Sow (1935 – 2016)

With LES LUTTEURS, PAVAN wanted to pay a discreet tribute to the sculptor Ousmane Sow. A purely graphic homage through drawing and painting. This series is part of the logic of work on the silhouette and the imprint, on bodies and lands. A sequence between pause and tumult, calm and fury. The fighter alone, seized victorious or contemplative, just before or just after the fight, responds to the immediate clinches of the wrestlers. All this translated with economy of means: graphite lead, ballpoint pen, monochromy of coatings and caffeine." 

Exhibition from July 3 to September 12, 2020

Alain Boggero, painter

35 years ago, when he was made redundant in 1985 with his 5,999 comrades when the Seyne-sur-mer shipyard closed, Alain Boggero became artist-painter, as he felt the imperative need to represent his comrades in order to pay homage to them. Alain Boggero's works are also a way of making them take back their tools, of giving them back their voice, through uninterrupted production for all these years, on all the materials he was able to find, by implementing regularly updated techniques. Alain Boggero “screams” his paintings in the same way that he comments on his experiences with strong words, in an irrepressible flow.

Exhibition from December 5, 2019 to March 15, 2020

Digital and Poetic Video Instants Festival

As part of the 32nd Instants Vidéo Numériques et Poétiques festival, you can come to the Ryad Boutique Hôtel to watch three video installations:

- 07/30/2017 (2017) / Eleonora Roaro & Katy Richardson (Italy – GB)

- Uncut (2019) / Sebastien Loghman (France)

- Do Not Disturb (2019) / Aurore Rey & Rochdy Laribi / Ornic Art Collective (France) *see photo*

The festival lasts from October 25 to December 1.

On October 27, 2019, between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. you will be able to meet Instants Video and Ornic Art at the Ryad as part of Les Dimanches de la Canebière.

The Transporter Bridge - Conference slideshow

The Marseille transporter bridge stood at the entrance to the Old Port 50 meters above the water from 1905 to 1945. It was the Sunday attraction Marseille residents and tourists. Some people today would like to bring it back to life, in the same location.

On Sunday September 1, 2019, come and listen to his story in pictures, from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Book at the hotel - Price: 8 euros.

Why do birds fly in a “V” shape?

A photo exhibition by Nat Simon-Leblond, from 09/26/19 to 10/22/19 as part of POC 2019

At a time when the planet is on the verge of collapse, humanity in crisis is at a crossroads. Nat Simon-Leblond, self-taught, chose the path of living. His photographs celebrate emotion, being, the present moment. A hymn to the love of life.

3 series: Berre-L’Etang “Expire”, Gozo “Dance with the elements”, Issanka “Ghost village”

July 26, 2019: Opening concert of the Brazilian season at the Ryad

All summer 2019, Brazilian inspiration at the Ryad Boutique Hotel in the center of Marseille. Conferences, musical evenings, to promote France-Brazil intercultural exchanges and the safeguarding of the Amazon and the ancestral know-how of its inhabitants.

The first date: July 26, 2019 with the Lyora trio for a concert.

The Marseille coastline in the 20th century - Images

The Ryad Boutique Hotel invites you to better understand the history of Marseille, through this slideshow commented by David Haccoun, which demonstrates the evolution of the strong>human and economic practice of the Marseille coastline during the 20th century.

Perfume of dreams - from June 20 to July 5, 2019

Do you know the smell of your dreams?

"Parfum de Rêves" is an artistic and olfactory experience around dreams in the original setting of the Le Ryad hotel, a arts-friendly hotel in Marseille. Come and spend a special night there at the end of which you will leave with the perfume extracted from your dreams...

First, Miss Bouillon immerses you in her world, discovering smells. Then, you become the object of a particular extraction, that of the smell you have when you dream...

Duration: 2 hours plus night on site

Inquire at

Smell meal in June 2019

Miss Bouillon, actress and alchemist, welcomes you to the Le Ryad hotel for a Meal of Odors. Your table awaits you with an exceptional menu. refined dishes and Grands Crus wines are “served” to you in the form of perfumes. Through an olfactory game, the mistress of ceremonies transports you into the world of her fragrances. A unique experience in the heart of Marseille!

25€ - duration: 1h30, from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., from June 20 to 28, 2019

Yann Torrecillas, painter

Always passionate about the many aesthetic facets offered by the practice of drawing, Yann Torrecillas designs his works harmoniously, emphasizing both dynamics and material . His paintings and drawings showcase the subtle play of feelings through the work of volumes and colors. Human beings are a theme that Yann has been exploring for a long time, continually seeking to capture the full range of emotions that can emerge from careful observation of everyday life. He always approaches his subject with instinct and passion, and places emotion at the heart of his practice. In his most recent works he reinforces the narrative aspect. He takes advantage of his naive aesthetic, like a puppet theater, to tell his stories about the world.

Content and Form, by Martha Rosenquist and Jean Noël

Marta Rosenquist has focused her photography practice on perspectives of former industrial sites. The symmetrical shapes of abandoned industrial buildings, both classic and austere, are revitalized through creation.

With Jean Noël, we move from the constructed space of Marta Rosenquist, rich in possibilities for creative mutations, to the evolution of formlessness towards form , in an ex-nihilo creation in dimension N, in tension in a dense gravitational space of opposing forces.

The exhibition will run from April 26 to May 22, 2019.

The Riyadh, filming location

The boutique hotel Le Ryad in Marseille center is an unusual place which makes it chosen by film directors in search of originality and space. Thus, The Ryad appears in Transit by Christian Petzold, presented at the Berlin Film Festival, but also in the short film Xuan, produced by the Transversarts association.

“And further down, the garden” by Chrystèle Gonçalves

Chrystèle Gonçalves continues her research around notions of memory, perception and rendering; trying to recreate these epiphanies pushes her to paint. The exhibition at the Hotel Le Ryad mixes different mediums which nourish each other in its practice: landscapes close to plant abstraction, improvised sketches with elements of daily, most often leftovers, humble subjects like old vegetables or popcorn and drawings executed with the left hand in an almost automatic repetitive gesture, like a meditation.

Whatever its practice, the whole always returns a representation of the banal, the modest which seems to contain the whole of reality.

Exhibition from May 25 to June 20, 2018


Catherine Burki, Album Domus

Bringing the interior portrait up to date, in the tradition of 19th century owners, who commissioned drawings of their homes to keep the memory of it and pass it on to future generations. This is Album Domus, proposed by Catherine Burki, to offer you, to offer.

It is a small book whose paper and binding are specially chosen to adapt to each place, and which reveals beautiful drawings made in Indian ink by Catherine, with a lot of sensitivity, at home or from photos chosen to reveal the identity of your living environment.

“I draw the portrait of the house through its rooms and its objects, I discover the places, their history and the people who open their doors to me… I love these encounters, I like to express the special relationship between inhabitants with their decor”

Catherine produced the Domus du Ryad Album in 2015.