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The Art at Ryad

The Ryad, charming hotel in Marseille center is not an establishment like the others. Beyond the pampering for its customers, the hotel gives pride to artists, to all artists. Each month, an exhibition is organized to promote talents, usually Marseille, whether painters, draftsmen, engravers, visual artists or even photographers. At Ryad, we love all forms of art, and art makes it good. And it does not stop there. It is not uncommon for the boutique hotel to host storytelling, artistic performances, sometimes completely off-beat, or simply concerts, in the privacy of a haven of peace in the center of Marseille.

Meals of scents at Le Ryad in June 2019

Miss Bouillon, actress and alchemist, welcomes you to Hotel Le Ryad for a Meal of Scents. Your table awaits you with an exceptional menu. Refined dishes and Grand Cru wines are "served" in the form of perfumes. Through an olfactory game, the mistress of ceremony transports you into the world of her fragrances. A unique experience in the heart of Marseille!

 25€ - duration: 1h30, from 19h00 to 20h30, from 20 June to 28 June 2019
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Sundays of the Canebière

Marseille, city of art and culture. The city has launched the Sundays of the Canebière, initiative to promote the city center of Marseille through the cultural wealth of Marseille. It is natural that the Ryad participates in the event by opening its doors to art lovers.

Le Ryad, selected for shooting films

The boutique hotel Le Ryad in Marseille centre is an extraordinary place that makes filmmakers choose it in search of originality and space. Thus, Le Ryad appears in Christian Petzold's Transit, presented at the Berlin Festival, but also in the short film Xuan, directed by the Transversarts association.

"Aroma of Dreams" from June 20 to July 5

Do you know the smell of your dreams?
"Aroma of Dreams" is an artistic and olfactory experience around dreams in the hotel Le Ryad, a non typical friend of the arts hotel in Marseille. Come and spend a special night there, at the end of which you will leave with the perfume of your dreams....
First, Miss Bouillon immerses you in her universe, and makes you discover the scents. Then, you become the object of a particular extraction, that of the smell you have when you dream...

Duration: 2 hours plus night on site

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